Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below are the most commonly asked questions we receive.

How can I contact you?
Call or text: (419) 349-3841
Message us on Facebook
What are your hours?
We are currently open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1-4 pm. We are also available by appointment.
Where are you located?
22450 County Road F
Archbold, OH 43502
How can I contribute to your cause?
Thank you so much for asking! Please see our donations page for available options.
Can I surrender my dog/cat?
We are temporarily only taking in small breed dogs, puppies, and orphan kittens. Text or call us at (419) 349-3841.
Do you offer spay/neuter?
We have a once a month low-cost spay/neuter transport to Humane Ohio.  Click here for pricing, dates, and how to sign up.
I found a stray cat? Can I bring it to your shelter?
Due to the incredible volume of calls we receive about stray cats, we are unable to take in every homeless cat in the county. We save our space for those in dire need, whose lives are in jeopardy if we don’t intervene.

Here are some tips on what to do:

  • If the cat is friendly, contact your neighbors and post on social media to try to locate it’s owner. If you are unable to find the owner, try to rehome the cat to a family member or friend. Post the cat online. Facebook has two groups for rehoming stray and lost cats: N.W. Ohiopets and Fulton County Ohio Lost Pets. If all else fails, ask around and see if you can find a local farm with a barn that would be willing to take the cat. *Be careful when rehoming a cat for free. Some people use them as bait or food for other animals.
  • If the cat is feral, the kindest approach is to live trap the cat and get it fixed via our spay/neuter program. Then provide the cat with a small shelter, food, and water. Your neighborhood is that cat’s home, and trying to move it elsewhere will only terrify it and make it harder for the cat to survive.  Moving feral cats to a barn or other location will most likely end with the cat running off in fear. It will no longer know where to go for food and shelter. 
I found an abandoned kitten. Can you help?
The first step is to determine if the kitten or kittens are truly abandoned. You can use this helpful flyer or answer the questions below.

Feral and stray moms will often never be seen. They are very good at hiding until you leave the area. Then they will return to the kittens.  ASCPA states that “Removing kittens from their current environment may not always be the right answer as the mom cat could be nearby getting food (or hiding from you)—and no one can care for a kitten like their mom can!”

To help choose the right path for kittens, please answer the following questions.

How old are the kittens that you found? If they are 8 weeks or older, they are weaned and most likely do not need mom. Use this guide to determine the kittens age:

For kittens 8 weeks or older: Are the kittens social and friendly? If so, try to find homes for them. If they are not social, consider TNR (trap, neuter, return). Getting the cats fixed will set them up for long, healthy lives outdoors as community cats.

For kittens 5 to 8 weeks old, try feeding them canned wet food and put out some dry food for them. Mom may still be around, but they don’t need to nurse if they are weaned or close to weaned.

For kittens under 5 weeks old: Are the kittens wet, dirty, cold, crying, or stained yellow from their own pee. Are they trying to move out of the nest area? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, that means they are probably abandoned. They will need bottle or syringe fed. Please call or text us at (419) 349-3841.

I'm looking for a specific breed of dog. Can I get on a waitlist?
Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing capabilities to have a list at this time.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Petfinder for updates!
How can I see what animals you have available for adoption?
You can view our available dogs and cats here on our website. If you find one you’d like to adopt, fill out our adoption form. If you’d like to come meet them first, message us on Facebook or give us a call at (419) 349-3841.

Have a different question?

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